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Don't blow "SMOTHER"

It is very unsafe to blow out a candle. Why you may ask? Blowing out your candle can cause a fire or even worse, the wax can splatter and burn you. The safest way to extinguish your candle flame is by smothering it. You can use a snuffer, a spoon or the lid (if your candle comes with one.) If your candle does not include a lid and you are not comfortable using a spoon or you don't own a snuffer; you can use my good friend aluminum foil to extinguish your candle .

Fold the foil to fit over the top of your candle and gently place over your candle to smother the flame. This method will block oxygen to enter the jar, which will extinguish the flame.

We all are guilty of blowing out our candles but we have to remember...THIS IS AN OPEN FLAME. So please take the necessary steps to protect yourself, your home, family and friends by getting in the habit of SMOTHERING & NOT BLOWING!!!!!!

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