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No one likes a TUNNEL (tunneling wick that is)

Don't you hate when you find the perfect scented candle and it tunnels. There are many reason why your candle may be tunneling but you don't care about the WHY just the HOW DO I FIX IT???? Well I am here to help you out and all you need is your tunneling candle and aluminum foil. YUP! THAT'S RIGHT! That is all you will need :) So here is what you do:

  1. Tear a piece of aluminum foil (enough to wrap around your candle)

  2. Wrap the aluminum foil around the candle (make sure its secure)

  3. light your candle

  4. close the top the aluminum foil over your candle but leave a little opening (this way oxygen can still get to your candle and your flame doesn't burn out)

  5. let it burn 2-4 hours or until the melt pool extends to the side of your jar.

The reason for the aluminum foil around the candle and covering the top, is so we can keep heat inside the jar. Once the wax starts to melt and the candle is at a consistent burn with no interruption, you will notice the melt pool start to extend to the sides of the jar. I like to use this method on square jars at the first burn. Just to make sure the wax pool reach all four corners.

I hope this helps everyone save that favorite scented candle :)

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