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Trim Your Wick

I get a lot of questions from my customers in regards to wick trimming and proper candle care. Here are the top 5 questions:

1. Why should I trim my wick?

2. Whats the point?

3. Does the wax have to be cooled before trimming?

4. What do I trim it with?

5. How should I trim it?

I always suggest trimming the wick after 4 hours of burn time. Let the candle cool before trimming. You can use wick trimmers, scissors, or my favorite a nail clipper. Cut off any black soot (mushrooming), this will allow for a longer burn time. When you don't trim your wick it can cause tunneling or your wick turning (curling) over into the wax. The reason for this is because the wick is too long and cannot draw wax up, so the wick starts burning itself.

So long story short...TRIM YOUR WICK

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